Custom Panels

Carbon Fiber 8 button panel

Since there is such a wide variety of steering wheel spoke designs, there is almost no possibility of a "one fits all" style steering wheel panel, however, we want to put an end to that by making every steering wheel panel totally bespoke to the steering wheel it will be going on. Even better, you do not need to worry about which one will fit, we are happy to take care of that, ensuring that as long as we know what steering wheel you have, the panel will fit. Moreover, we truly believe that the steering wheel is such a vital part of your driving experience therefore it should be totally enhanced with an ergonomically designed steering wheel set up that is functional and looks the part.

Our custom panel service provides you with the ultimate freedom of choice over the design of your aftermarket steering wheel panel solution.
When designing these custom panels, customers have the choice of:
  • Steering wheel - panels can be designed to fit around any desired steering wheel
  • PCD - we can cater to any steering wheel PCD including 6x70, 6x74 & 3x50.8.
  • Materials - choice of either acrylic or carbon fibre for the panel
  • Colour Scheme - we have a variety of colors for both momentary and latching switches meaning you can choose what suits your vehicle best
  • Functions - buttons can be wired to control various functions such as headlights, indicators, wipers or horn. Our panels should be wired to switch the relays for each of these functions 
  • Engravings - custom engravings, such as brands or logos, can be etched onto acrylic panels only
  • Wireless - we can build you a fully wireless system meaning there is no need for curly wire and makes for a totally removable and better looking system.
  • Button types - momentary (on when pressed down only) or latching (press once, -on, press again - off)
  • Additional Extras - we can add almost anything you may want or need, just let us know 

To take advantage of this service click here for carbon fiber and click here for acrylic.

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