Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my custom panel take to be made?
    There are many variables and a team of partners that go into producing our exclusive service that make it extremely difficult to predict when your order will be built. For example, if you were to order a custom steering wheel plate with stickers to fit your unique steering wheel; for the most part, we will need to firstly design the plate, arrange for it to be cut from the carbon fiber (in a batch), design the stickers and arrange for those to be printed followed by the time it takes for the kit to be assembled, wired and finished off. As a result, we are unable to offer a guaranteed completion date for any of our builds. However, instead we can focus on providing you with a fully customisable service that you can't find anywhere else. Once your plate has been completed, it will be delivered in standard delivery times between the UK and your destination.
  • How do I fit your steering wheel panels? 
    In terms of the physical fitment, they are thin enough to bolt behind the steering wheel.
  • Will I need longer screws?
    No, they are at most 3mm thick meaning the standard 10mm bolts have enough clearance to have the bracket there as well.
  • Can you make me a custom version?
    We are proud to offer a fully custom service where you can pick and choose which set up best suits your application and we will build it for you. If you need a custom kit, it is normally best to get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements. See our contact us page to get in touch.
  • What are your panels made of?
    They are either laser cut from 3mm thick matte black acrylic or CNC cut from 2-3mm thick carbon fiber
  • Is the carbon fiber real?
    Yes our carbon cuts are made from high quality 3k twill carbon fiber
  • Is the wiring for Renault plug & play?
    They plug and play and very easy to fit. They come with four wires that allow the cruise control and horn connection to the car. The two with crimps connect into the cruise control plug's pins and the two blade crimps are to be pushed into the grey horn plug. We recommend these to be taped up to ensure no short circuits occuring.
  • Are your buttons latching or momentary?
    We provide momentary or latching buttons depending on your requirements.
  • Will your cruise control retention panels fit my steering wheel?
    Volantech provide a unique service which ensures our plates fit your steering wheel, no matter what shape or brand. All you need to do is provide us with an accurate model number or photo of your exact steering wheel and we do the leg work to ensure it fits adequately. This service is at the trade off of fast delivery as some steering wheels will be different than others so we advise a longer delivery time for most of our sales.