Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I fit your steering wheel panels? 
    They are thin enough to go sandwiched in between an aftermarket steering wheel and it's boss. For quick release, you can fit in behind the steering wheel on the detachable side but they will need an extra added loom with a plug to detach the same way the wheel does, if this is something you would like, its best to get in touch directly.
  • Will I need longer screws?
    No, they are at most 3mm thick meaning the standard 10mm bolts have enough clearance to have the bracket there as well.
  • Can you make me a custom version?
    Yes, not only do we do custom engraved versions but we also fully cater to your requirements, whether it be for different shaped steering wheels, wheel PCD, number of buttons, button positioning or any other attachments you may need. You can head over to our "custom panels" page for more informatin or get in touch via the contact us form
  • What are your panels made of?
    We generally make them from 3mm thick acrylic in a matte black finish or 2mm thick carbon fibre sheet
  • Is the carbon fiber real?
    Yes, the carbon fiber panels are made from 2mm thick high strength carbon fiber sheets with a cured epoxy resin matrix layer for maximum surface finish and panel strength. The carbon has a 3k woven carbon fiber appearance with a high gloss, durable finish.
  • Is the wiring for Renault plug & play?
    Yes, they plug and play and very easy to fit. They come with four wires, two with crimps on the end and two bare wires, the two with crimps connect into the cruise control plug's pins and the bare wires are to be twisted, folded and pushed into each of the horn plug's holes. We recommend to secure this connection with some electrical tape. 
  • Are your buttons latching or momentary?
    We provide momentary or latching buttons depending on your requirements.
  • Will your cruise control retention panels fit my steering wheel?
    Volantech provide a unique service which ensures our plates fit your steering wheel, no matter what shape or brand. All you need to do is provide us with an accurate model number or photo of your exact steering wheel and we do the leg work to ensure it fits adequately. This service is at the trade off of fast delivery as some steering wheels will be different than others so we advise a longer delivery time for most of our sales.