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Explore the home of unparalleled bespoke aftermarket racing steering wheel controls - meticulously crafted by passionate racers to fuel the excitement in every racing enthusiast.

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  • Wired

    Indulge in the craftsmanship of motorsport-spec wired controls, meticulously handcrafted for reliability. These kits provide robust connectivity, ensuring a secure connection to your steering wheel controls without latency or limitations.

  • Wireless 6 Button Steering Wheel on Cup 200 Car


    Perfect for a clutter-free cockpit, our wireless solution ensures seamless communication between the steering wheel and vehicle electrics. Experience lightning-fast control times alongside easy installation and user-friendly configuration.


    Reliable wired communication between driver controls and vehicle over the robust CANBUS protocol, enabling multiple switches over minimal wires for the ultimate motorsport set up.


Bespoke Crafted Steering Wheels

Elevate your driving experience with our meticulously crafted steering wheels, engineered with precision and using the finest materials. Our bespoke controls are always tailored to your unique style, specifications and preference.