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Renault Clio MK3 Stalk Delete Plug&Play Steering Wheel Kit

Renault Clio MK3 Stalk Delete Plug&Play Steering Wheel Kit

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Welcome to our world exclusive product, the Renaultsport Clio MK3 Plug & Play Stalk Delete Steering Wheel Kit. We have officially designed and built the first ever fully plug & play stalk removal system on the planet. Our new innovative system allows Clio MK3 racing drivers and track day car owners to completely remove their original stalk controls in order to operate the important features required on track, at easy reach on the steering wheel. This product is built for race/track day drivers by race drivers, so we have taken into consideration the most important features needed in a motorsport vehicle to relocate them to the steering wheel of your race car. Our newly designed electronics module is able to trigger all the OEM Renault features by communicating with the stock UCH of the vehicle in the same manner, and using the same connections as the original stalks making the installation completely reversible back to standard if needs be.

We have designed 3 standard versions to suit a variety of preferences and requirements. The functions included in the following versions represent the controls that will be available on the steering wheel itself, and the ones left over can be wired into the car's dash area at the installer's discretion.

  1. "Cup" with 6 switches as follows:
    1. Left Indicator
    2. Right Indicator
    3. Dash Scroll
    4. Wipers (Fast only)
    5. Headlights (Dipped Beam)
    6. Flash (Main Beam)
  2. "Trophy" with the all of the above as well as the following:
    1. Wiper Wash
    2. Rear Fog Lights (Rain Light)
  3. "Full Fat" with all of the above as well as the following:
    1. Cruise Control + / Extra DIY Wired Input (such as ESP or Engine Start)
    2. Cruise Control - / Horn 

Some of the less important features have been deliberately left out in the "Cup" and "Trophy" versions which do not necessarily need to be on the steering wheel, to make for a less busy button plate and a lower cost end product. For any of the features that are missing in each of the versions, there is a sub loom that can be wired to, which can locate the other functions to switches within the dash area of the vehicle.

In addition to these features, the electronics module also has the capacity to natively wire in an extra input (which can be used for something such as START or ESP OFF button - 1.5A MAX) in case the driver prefers an alternative input instead of the above controls. Please see below how to customize! 

What's included in the base price:

  • Volantech Clio MK3 stalk control electronic module
  • 6, 8 or 10 button steering wheel plate with bespoke fit to your wheel
  • Fully assembled professional high-end motorsport curly wire
  • Termination with a TE automotive connector 
  • Volantech rear switch covers
  • Color coded stickers (carbon fibre) or engravings (acrylic)

Optional Extras:

  • Version:
    • Cup (6 buttons) 
    • Trophy (8 buttons)
    • Full Fat (10 buttons)
  • Switches:
    • Standard quality IP67 switches
    • High-end OTTO P9/P9M switches
  • Sub Loom:
    • No loom at all for missing features
    • Sub loom + connectors supplied for DIY to the dash
    • Sub loom + connectors + extra wires to the dashboard 

    How To Customize:
    (If you would like to customize other than the configurations we have available)

    1. Complete our product configurator above
    2. Add to basket and make payment
    3. Fill in our custom order form with your desired layout, colours and features - if the feature is not mentioned above then it will not be available. This is with the exception of the "extra" input which you can pick something for yourself to wire into.
    4. We'll contact you if we need to but if not, hold tight, we'll be building your gear as soon as we can!


    Since aftermarket steering wheels come in many different shapes and sizes, there is no possible "universal" switch panel that will fit all steering wheels properly and as intended, some will not even fit at all. This is often the main challenge you face when purchasing a pre-made kit, so in order to get around this, our switch panels are professionally designed in house by our experienced team to precisely fit the steering wheel have or intend to use. The best part about it for you is that we take care of the fitment, so you don't have to, and we can guarantee a perfect fit each and every time!

    Please allow at least 2-6 weeks build time

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