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Renaultsport 2+4 Button Race Style Cruise Control & Horn Panel

Renaultsport 2+4 Button Race Style Cruise Control & Horn Panel

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Our all new exclusive race style cruise control switch plates are inspired by the design elements within our Volantech race car controls. These are intended to bridge the gap between a modified road car's steering wheel and a full on race car by having two switches above the spokes (horn) and four below (cruise control). 
The 6 button panels retrofit the lost cruise control and horn features onto aftermarket or racing steering wheels for those seeking a racing feel or steering wheel upgrade from stock without losing the vehicle's OEM features. These panels come pre-wired with a hand-made and totally plug & play wiring loom meaning no cutting or modifications to the vehicle's original wires is required. This installation is fully reversible with no adverse effect on the vehicle.


  • Cruise Control + Horn operation as per the OEM steering wheels (+, -, R, O & 2x Horn switches)
  • Button colours available in black, green, red, blue, yellow & white
  • Made from either carbon fibre or acrylic
  • Plug & Play hand-made loom - no cutting or modification to OEM loom is required 
  • Labelling
    • Acrylic - the panels have appropriate engravings to label their respective functions in the same format as the OEM steering wheel
    • Carbon Fibre - these have colour coded stickers around the switches to show the functions of each of the switches. Note - we currently only have black stickers for the lower cruise control features so they will not be color coded if you pick any colors other than black.
  • Compatible with most Renaultsport vehicles with cruise control fitted including Clio MK2/MK3/MK4, Megane MK2/MK3 & Twingo


Important Notes:

  • Please ensure you fill out the order form above with the correct information as to which steering wheel you have. If you are unsure on the exact model, please get in touch with us to send over a photo, this will prevent delays from us chasing you to gather the steering wheel information.
  • These are usually built within 3-10 working days for those with usual shaped steering wheels however if you have an unusual shape, it will likely take longer. Please get in touch with us if you have a specific deadline & we will try our best to meet it.
  • The images within this listing are for representation only & may be outdated, the shape or final finish you will receive could be slightly different.
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