Renaultsport 4 Button Cruise Control Panel

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This 4 button panel retrofits cruise control functions onto racing steering wheels for those seeking a racing feel or a steering wheel upgrade whilst still utilizing the vehicle's OEM features. These panels come pre-wired with a hand made and totally plug & play wiring loom meaning no cutting or modifications to the vehicle's original wires is required. This installation is fully reversible with no adverse effect on the vehicle.


  • Button colors available - black, green, red, blue, yellow, white & orange
  • Acrylic or carbon fiber - they are made from acrylic palstic or high gloss epoxy covered carbon fiber
  • Plug & Play hand made loom - no cutting or modification to OEM loom is required 
  • Momentary buttons - click-to-engage buttons with a great feel and response to the touch
  • Engraved symbols - the panels have appropriate engravings to label their respective functions in the same format as the OEM steering wheel (acrylic only)
  • Compatible with most Renaultsport vehicles with cruise control fitted including Clio MK2/MK3, Megane MK2/MK3 & Twingo. (Currently no support for Clio MK4)


- To process your order, we will need to know exactly which steering wheel you have, i.e. a make and model or a link to an image of the exact steering wheel. 
- We also need to know what color buttons you would like





Estimated Delivery Time - usually 3-10 working days