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8 Button CANBUS Wired Race Car Steering Wheel Switch Panel

8 Button CANBUS Wired Race Car Steering Wheel Switch Panel

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With aftermarket ECUs and PDMs becoming increasingly prevalent in the aftermarket and enthusiast market, it was only right we took our steering wheel panels to the next level by effectively integrating your steering wheel controls with these advanced systems. 
Our all new CANBUS kits use the widely known ECUMaster V3 CANBUS communication board in a neatly designed, high end 3d printed enclosure for a sleek, complete package. The system is then wired to a custom made concentric twisted curly cord carrying the CANBUS signals (CAN Hi, CAN Lo, +ve and -ve) from the car's wiring loom to the steering wheel neatly without needing a bulky cord.
Our CAN steering wheel systems are capable of carrying up to 8 analogue switches and 4 rotary calibration switches for functions such as map switching, boost control or traction control, which can all be configured in software.

What's included in the base price:

  • Custom 8 Button Steering Wheel Panel in carbon fibre or acrylic plastic (which includes engravings)
  • Standard quality momentary switches (functionality is configurable in software)
  • Custom hand built concentric twisted motorsport curly cord (CAN Hi, CAN Lo, +ve and -ve + filler wires)
  • ECUMaster V3 CAN Board
  • Wiring and assembly
  • Professionally 3d Printed (MJF) full rear enclosure 

Optional Extras:

    • Rotary switches:
      • Add a Small black or larger red high quality Grayhill 0-5v rotary switches (configurable from 2 to 12 detents)
    • Switches:
      • Standard quality IP67 momentary switches
      • 8x High End OTTO P9 momentary switches
      • Termination:
        • Club Spec - Deutsch DTM 4 Way Connector
        • High End - Deutsch Autosport Connector sealed with Raychem boots (both ends supplied)
        • High End Quick Release - Wired through the central connector of a Krontec Motorsport Quick Release (no curly cord)
      • Flappy Paddles:
        • Replace 2x Switches with High Quality Flappy Paddles for gearbox control

      How To Order:

      1. Complete our product configurator above
      2. Add to basket and make payment
      3. Fill in our custom order form attentively with your switch requirements
      4. We'll contact you if we need to but if not, hold tight, we'll be building your gear as soon as we can!


      Since aftermarket steering wheels come in many different shapes and sizes, there is no possible "universal" switch panel that will fit all steering wheels properly and as intended, some will not even fit at all. This is often the main challenge you face when purchasing a pre-made kit so in order to get around this, our switch panels are professionally designed in house by our experienced team to precisely fit the steering wheel have or intend to use. The best part about it for you is that we take care of the fitment so you don't have to and we can guarantee a perfect fit each and every time!


      If you have any other special requirements not listed above (such as flappy paddles), please get in contact via the "Contact Us" page, we will be happy to help you come up with the exact build you desire.


      Please Note: These kits are intended to communicate with most aftermarket PDM/ECU set-ups which have a CANBUS input available. We do not currently provide support in fitting/wiring/setting up to your vehicle. Consult your wiring/motorsport electronics specialist if you are in doubt. 


      Please allow at least 3-6 weeks build time

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