D-Teq Quick Release System

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The unique design of the D-Teq range of quick release eliminates free play entirely with its robust triangular design. Like no other product in its field the strength of the fittings and mechanism ensures you are put firmly in the driving seat.

D-Teq bosses use EN3B Steel for the high strength triangular hub and Sigmachip T6 for machining the wheel fascia and release ring, the parts are then anodised for finish and the hub is tough-coated for additional protection.


  • 3 x 50MM PCD & 6 x 70MM PCD - This boss has 2 sets of mounting holes to allow steering wheels with 6 x 70mm or 3 x 50mm PCD's to be fitted.
  • SFI 42.1 Certified
  • FIA Compliant for use within a Competition Environment
  • Available with electrical connectors


    For use in Competition Environment where FIA Regulations apply see below:

    Steering wheel quick release mechanism conforms to the latest FIA technical specification as defined in Appendix J Article 255 dated 01-01-03 5.7 3.7 Steering Wheel.
    The quick release mechanism must consist of a flange concentric to the steering wheel axis coloured YELLOW through anodisation or any other durable yellow coating and installed on the steering column behind the steering wheel. The release must be operated by pulling the flange along the steering wheel axis.